Hatsune Miku - World is Mine

By AdamThompson 7y ago

This has been out for a while but I just rediscovered it:

The vocals are computer generated, too.

I.... Is that a hologram? :O!

-Driver405 7y ago
That It is, this year at Coachella a Tupac hologram performed
*Explicit Language*

-Tony11harp 7y ago
@Tony11harp THANK YOU! I've been looking for a video of this for days, I just missed it live.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
@Tony11harp :O technology is more advanced than I thought it was.

-Driver405 7y ago
@AdamThompson No problem =D
@Driver405 Yes I didn't know this was possible untill 2 days ago, Kind of makes me wonder what else we dont know of >.<

-Tony11harp 7y ago
Is it weird that I have known about hatsune miku for ages... lol :P

-Talton 7y ago
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