Preorders are up!

By AdamThompson 7y ago

This also went out in the monthly newsletter today.

A huge thanks to everyone who is preordering. Preorder money goes directly into giving me more development time, purchasing art assets, and saving for a launch server.

Will pre-order soon. =)

-Ruffles 7y ago
Pre-Ordered, can't wait for beta! :)

-bobbahbrown 7y ago
Will be pre-ordering on thursday :D

-Talton 7y ago
@Talton Me too, I hate how paypal takes so long to receive funds.

-Tony11harp 7y ago
@Tony11harp My wait is due to the silly payment processing into my bank account lol, paypal seems to process my payments straight away, might order 2 months :D

@AdamThompson Noticed the first 500 pre-orders bit, if I order 2 months do I get another 2 months free? If its set for each order and not per account, someone could just preorder twice, in 2 seperate transactions...

-Talton 7y ago
Any chance you'd take Bitcoin as a payment option? MTGox has a prebuilt vendor app.

I already pre ordered with PP but Dwolla or Bitcoin are great alternatives.

-Vandil 7y ago
@Talton I think the reason It doesn't clear right away is because they don't have my card info, only my bank info.

-Tony11harp 7y ago
@Talton I pre-ordered twice in two transactions like that, but for a gift for someone else interested ;)

-Ozymandias 7y ago
@Ozymandias Well if i pre-order 2 months and get 4 months, il give one to a friend, maybe someone who cant use paypal...

-Talton 7y ago
@Talton For the first 500 it's just 1 extra month no matter what. It's per-account.

@Vandil Maybe later but for now I just don't want to spend the time setting it up.

If you're going to pre-order for someone else, be sure to enter their email in the preorder page on our site.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
@AdamThompson Ahh cool, Thursday Here i come :P

-Talton 7y ago
@AdamThompson You should mention that last sentence on the pre-order page =D

-Tony11harp 7y ago
Preeeeeeeeeee ordered :D

Only 1 month tho, little short on cash atm :(

-Talton 7y ago
1 is enough! :)

-AdamThompson 7y ago
@AdamThompson I was wondering, are the transactions done automaticaly, as in, I pay and an automatic process give me the alloted time, or is it all done manualy?

If its manually i can see alot of work in just simply processing the payments.

-Talton 7y ago
It's automatic, though it's not completely set up.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
did my part :)

-fabian 7y ago
@fabian welcome to the clan xD

-Talton 7y ago
so um when does this start im 2 monts paid up i think the main issue is until u get the beta up some that might want in will be reluctant to do so so lets get the beta running and then i can assist u across the internet to get this great game scaled up

-ollobrains 7y ago
is there any way to lower the cost per month or provide longer subscriptions, say, $50 per 6 months, $300 for life, etc.?

-Gom 7y ago
@Gom Something like that will probably happen, aka a "Buy more at a cheaper price" but right now it's just a promotional price for anyone who wants to help fund development.

-Ozymandias 7y ago
It will just be the flat monthly subscription, with the option to pay the same amount for a year in advance. I want to keep it simple.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
Hey is there an ETA for the next news letter or when will you allow testing again?

-atazs 7y ago
@atazs Not yet, sorry.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
Preorder is done, now hope for the best.... (wamfab)

-Wamfab 7y ago
I have been following First Earth for a while. I found a new link in the Wurm Forum and decided it was time to sign up with a pre-order / subscription. I look forward to being there at the beginning of the adventure.

-Spolmit 7y ago
ok preeordered. cant wait for beta

-havranej 7y ago
I'll preorder a month per month until it's out :D Can I do that? Or is it going to break something in my account?

-pepperoach 7y ago
@pepperoach You can do that, thanks!

-AdamThompson 7y ago
I do apologise for reviving an old thread is that is considered ill-mannered on this thread (as in many others) but I do have a question concerning the pre-ordering.

When one pre-orders 2 months, are those months going directly to the beta-test and will not be able to be re-used when the full game comes out, or will people be able to get some form of recompense for supporting the game in the beta and receiving some free bonus months when the game comes out based on for how many months they played in the beta?

-Amarnra 7y ago
@Amarnra Reviving old threads is perfectly fine, in my view.

Yes, the preordered months will be 'used up' during Beta. Beta will be the point where the game is playable and fun. It's similar in this way to other beta products, such as Gmail. I can't offer too many free months because that income will be useful to improve and grow the game.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
I will preorder a little later, but I am super excited to see the product.

-Spartaxus 7y ago
Actually screw it, 2 months ordered.

-Spartaxus 7y ago
Awesome, welcome to alpha!

-AdamThompson 7y ago
Thank you.

-Spartaxus 7y ago
Enjoy my $10.

-MrAnderson 7y ago
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