Good photo gallery software?

By AdamThompson 7y ago

Anyone know of a good photo gallery we can use for users' collections of screenshots? Can you think of any sites where the image viewing really impresses you with how nice it is to use? (Something like 4chan even counts, because it's so easy to view.)

PHP-based is almost a requirement, since I know PHP and everything else here is in PHP.

I don't know any but I'll look for some.

-Craftedblood 7y ago
Found a list of some.

-Craftedblood 7y ago
If you can grab the coding from websites, something like this would be good.

Im not all that up on webdesign, sorry i cant help further, im a hardware boffin lol

-Talton 7y ago
Well I wouldn't lift their code :-P But I do like that interface, I could make something like it. None of the photo gallery setups I can find are any good, I might have to make something simple myself. (I find myself doing this too often.)

On that note, anyone know of any good galleries whose interface we would want? I like Talton's, and another one I like is Imgur. [WoW's]( is allright too.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
That WoW one seems like a very common gallery, the one on Imgur is good, I like the comments idea of it to be honest xD

-Talton 7y ago
For now I ended up deciding that we'll just use the forum. It actually manages photos pretty well, and I can add more features to it later. I like having photos on a page where you just scroll down.

-AdamThompson 7y ago

An excellent image hosting site. You can create an account and organise stuff into albums, and choose from a couple different album layouts. All in all a very good and user friendly site.

-buster2Xk 7y ago
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