Unattended mechanics and grinding

By AdamThompson 7y ago

Continuing this discussion from [here](http://firstearthgame.com/forum/discussion/comment/888#Comment_888), where I posted:

@Greatest It would let you do either. You'd have that, or the unattended option.

The unattended option does reduce realism somewhat since you won't actually be there to experience the trip. I will try to mitigate this in several ways (such as perhaps visually speeding you along the route once you arrive so that you see everything on the way) but it's true. Also, you can only do this with places you've already been or someone gives you good directions to.

The principle behind having the option despite less realism is that FE is meant to be enjoyable to players who don't spend a lot of time playing (as well as players who play 12 hours/day and everyone in between). The minimum play I'm aiming for is 1-2 hours per week. Imagine if you tired of playing for a while but want to maintain your property, or you go on a vacation, or you have finals. I'd like you to be able to log in and accomplish just as much mechanically as if you'd played every day. This is the opposite of games where grinding for hours gives you an advantage.

Unattended travel makes that possible. There will also be unattended mechanics in other areas, such as crafting.

My previous Q that got lost in the system.

You will spend the same time Travelling unattended to a place has you would controlling your Char?

In the unattended version, will the avatar be visible to other player or in game npc (wild life etc)

Wont this make it possible for me to play AFK 90% of the time, just trading and running from place to place to get the Stuff from the "good" spots.

-Jail4mind 7y ago
@Jail4mind I'm not sure yet whether they can be visible during Travel.

It would be possible to play this way, yes, but it's not going to be any easier than doing it manually besides you won't have to sit there holding W.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
Unattended crafting sounds like a great solution for combatting macroers. In other sandbox MMO's like darkfall and eve macroing is a huge problem. Darkfall for a long time since release the macroers had a huge advantage over others, it reached a point where the vast majority of the server left their clients on when not playing macroing. Building it into the game essentially not only levels the playing field but also increases the enjoyment for the player vastly.

Very glad that this is being put in.

-thejanitor 7y ago
@thejanitor Agreed, that is one huge benefit. Anything that needs to be macroed should either be available to everyone as part of the game, or removed through game design.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
I'd like to add that many mechanics can't be automated, and players who play a lot will probably want to get involved in those things. Such as exploration, active trade with other players, building, social activities, and many other things.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
@Jail4mind wow theres something I hadn't even considered with an automated travel design...I can just see someone using a 'mule' character to send back and forth between 2 places for a big trade

also if the player is visible I can see alot of griefing of unnattended travellers, see a guy walking down the road while he isn't actually there and build a fence around him(that actually sounds like something I might do and I'm usually a nice guy in games), I also see problems with this if you do add pvp and theft in the game later...

if they aren't visible then its an easy exploitable way to avoid being robbed or killed, if they are visible they're an easy target

-Greatest 7y ago
@Greatest That won't be possible.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
@AdamThompson I keep relating to things back to other games, but I think this is somewhat relevant.

I really like the idea of having the ability to automate things. Striking a balance between the DarkFall style of needing to be online at your computer 24 hours a day and the new age UO style of macroing for days straight could very easily please a great many people.

I guess what I'm trying to say is there are merits to both and I feel that if you explore the advantages and drawbacks to both styles you could come up with something very unique and pleasing to play.

edit: It's worth noting that that in the early days of Darkfall mechanics like city Defense really kept macroing in check. You might walk back to your computer and find that your entire city had been captured if you weren't careful.

-Slinks 7y ago
I don't like fast travel in general. Feels like teleporting and that sucks.

My idea of fast travel is you build a road, invent the wheel, build a carriage, tame a horse or some other beast of burden - FAST travel. Now - you could automatize the travel in the way that your character can follow a built/marked road without you having to press anything, but if you get jumped by a wild animal or a tree falls on you or something, it's your fault for not tending to your character.

Maybe make it a skill or something you need to invest in to be able to travel like that. Call it "orientation" or whatever - following signs left by yourself or someone else. Maybe needing a map as well.

I go for this option because then, a position of village/town merchant would be much more important in the ways of travel too - you'd have to form a caravan and maybe go together on trade/exploration trips, being out of the village for days if need be.

I dunno, what do you think?

-Tacheron 7y ago
roads and signs make far more sense...when you're driving somewhere you always have to look at the signs as you go to see which exit to take and what not, but once you leave a major highway knowing where you're going is the problem(but since your destination is the actual village not a house it shouldn't be a problem in game). I can just see the autotravel feature being abused by someone with multiple chars as a mule caravan going from place to place, taking food to their worker drone and bringing back harvested materials, while they concentrate on what they're actually doing.

as far as remembering a place you've been, I like the idea of little arrows pointing you towards a memorized location(maybe a max number of locations based on intelligence?) that can help you find where you're going if you're a little lost.

I'm not completely against being able to travel from 1 place to another while afk if its going to take hours of clicking out of the game, but I'd rather see something a little less exploitable.

-Greatest 7y ago
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