Great article about procedural spaces

By AdamThompson 7y ago

This is by Rune Skovbo Johansen, a Unity3D developer whom I just discovered while working with his [Locomotion System]( He has a game in development and some really good ideas, also relevant to First Earth:

Hmm very interesting post, A very good point is made. With a sandbox game its possible for it to become confusing in the beginning with so many possibilies and no sense of direction of what to do

Maybe you should add a starting quest about learning the ropes or something kinda like Wurm did?

edit: locomotion system looks really interesting as well, looks very smooth. Very cool how it creates sidesteps without anims

-Tony11harp 7y ago
Agreed about that point.

No quests! I do have some ideas to take care of this for starting players.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
No, quests are no good :) Just best word I could think of at the time haha.
Also, have you developed the basic character models yet, or are you using some pre-made ones?

edit: Just finished locomotive video, Looks very realistic walking on multiple heights and going up/down slopes, The lean is just right, so many games that are out now (mainly f2p ones) don't use anything near as good as that =D

I hate the cheesy look of floating down a hill lol

-Tony11harp 7y ago
@Tony11harp Using pre-made models, just one to start. It will be very basic.

No promise that I'll have that type of locomotion in use :)

-AdamThompson 7y ago
@Tony11harp Quests don't seem to much of a good idea to me, once it's gone, I will wish for that moment where I was still discovering stuff about the game by trying many different things randomly. I think you should just be placed into the world to discover!

-atomic 7y ago
@atomic " No, quests are no good :) Just best word I could think of at the time haha." Try reading.... =P

-Tony11harp 7y ago
The problem with just being placed into the world to discover, is there's no sense of direction, and while it seems to have been mostly a non-issue for Minecraft, it could pose a major problem if new players have no idea what kinds of things that they're able to do. Maybe quests aren't the way to go, especially since I assume there won't be any NPCs at the start of the game and it would be a little weird just to get a quest from the ether, but there are ways to direct players outside of that. Maybe in the form of a book or something, that every player starts with, that gives an idea of the basics.

-Santin 7y ago
I know a way to fix this but it may sound a bit weird, but what if you seperate the player from the cahracter? I mean you are sitting down playing a game controlling the character, you're not the actual character.

if you look at it that way then you can add thoughts from the character in the game as a way to help guide the players if they need it. not a quest, not a tutorial type thing, just a 'hey what if...' type thing.

-Greatest 7y ago
Or just a pop-up first time you enter the world, telling you a bit about the game and what you properly should start with.

-Fennris 7y ago
Another idea would be just a general "Help" on the main menu that states that it is recommended you explore the world yourself and find out, but it can give you some tips if you're having trouble starting out.

-Ozymandias 7y ago
I'd much prefer something that doesn't break immersion.

-Santin 7y ago
Problem is that paper is not invented at the beginning.

-Fennris 7y ago
Then that was a bad example. But it doesn't invalidate my point.

-Santin 7y ago
Actually, I take that back. It wasn't a bad example. There are ways to explain it away that wouldn't break immersion.

-Santin 7y ago
These are all great posts. I'm not responding but I am enjoying reading everything.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
What I meant to say, was you're my hero Adam.

-Santin 7y ago
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