Testing Status

By AdamThompson 6y ago

Testing is going very well. All major bugs have been fixed. Multiplayer runs smoothly. Linux support is official!

A newsletter with more details will go out sometime within the next week. A new build may come out that soon, too, and more alpha testers will be invited for that. From there until Beta, it's just a matter of adding gameplay.

Here's what will be worked on in the coming weeks:

- Bug fixes from current build
- Minor features such as a resolution switcher
- Objects draggable, carryable
- Water
- Property
- Invention

Exiting :D

-Craftedblood 6y ago
* Mouse wheel zoom (on linux) :)

-sxe 6y ago
Is there going to be some sort of an inventory system?

-atazs 6y ago
Yes, very soon. Limited to your two hands unless you have a bag. Very realistic, no 33 item slots or loads of 300 kg

-Ankoroth 6y ago
So far so good.

-Slinks 6y ago
A new testing release will be ready this coming weekend, and more testers will be added.

-AdamThompson 6y ago
> A new testing release will be ready this coming weekend, and more testers will be added.

Cant wait!

-ACarroll 6y ago
Haven't posted in a while, but I've been stopping by to check things out every now and then. Glad to see things progressing!!

-eqfan592 6y ago
Although I made a lot of progress last weekend, I want to do more before putting out the new test build, so it will be next weekend.

-AdamThompson 6y ago
Is the anything more to update on this? I'm now very interested after reading through a lot of the stuff on the forums and checking everything I could find in terms of footage. I'm more than likely going to pre-order but I'm not 100% sure about features, etc.

-Flameturtle 6y ago
@Flameturtle Nothing more, features are still VERY few.

-AdamThompson 6y ago
However, there will always be progress, and I hope to hit a fun game by the end of the year.

Sometime soon, I will be making preorders automatic-testing, and reducing some of the other preorder benefits.

-AdamThompson 6y ago
Okay. In light of this I'll drop some cash now :P

-Flameturtle 6y ago
New build coming out within a few hours for testers!

-AdamThompson 6y ago
A newsletter and some other testing changes will definitely happen on or before Oct 1 (next weekend).

-AdamThompson 6y ago
> Sometime soon, I will be making preorders automatic-testing, and reducing some of the other preorder benefits.

what type of reduction are you talking? I like the preorder benefits, but I'm still not tossing cash out til I see something a bit farther along...not sure when but I'll probably do something before beta when most kinks are worked out and its playable :p

-Greatest 6y ago
I look forward to trying it out- well done.

-Spolmit 6y ago
@Greatest I'll announce the changes in the newsletter before I do them, since I promised newsletter subscribers early access to things. So you'll have time to decide :)

-AdamThompson 6y ago
It's looking like there will be no new game version this weekend, only a newsletter. Edit: I'm adding water to the game world, which is a big project.

-AdamThompson 6y ago
@AdamThompson oooooh big step :D
cant wait !!!

-Talton 6y ago
@AdamThompson Sounds great! Dynamic water is super hard, especially if the terrain can change / water levels can rise and fall, any ideas on how you are going to approach it? Fully 3D water, or perhaps just a 2D texture for rivers and 3D for large bodies of water?

The most impressive water system I have seen in a sandbox MMORPG was in Xsyon -
. Seems like they have a low simulation speed probably due to the sheer computation required.

-thejanitor 6y ago
@thejanitor I agree about the difficulty. I'm still on the data import portion, where I find, convert, and normalize raw water location data.

I just watched the Xsyon video and was impressed. But it looks like they have automatic barriers form to prevent accidental floods?

I would like fully 3D water; textures look bad. I'm not yet sure how to build rivers in Unity procedurally, or whether it's possible. Also, I don't know yet whether the data has continuous water, or whether I'll have to interpolate. And, if the level of detail is too low, I'll have to generate smaller pools and streams.

Ideally, water will 'flow' somewhat like in the Xyson video.

What's particularly hard about all this is that whatever I do has to be representable in a simple way on the server for detection during collision, crafting, boating, etc. And it has to scale to the huge world.

Definitely an interesting problem.

-AdamThompson 6y ago
@AdamThompson This is a fun coding problem to think about! I'm guessing that the terrain is represented using a 2D height map? Then perhaps water could be a 2D height map on top of the terrain height map combined with a 2D vector map to represent flow.

-thejanitor 6y ago
@thejanitor Indeed, the terrain is a height map. Another height map for water is a good idea. Water data is going to essentially be that form of coordinate data, regardless of how it's stored or used, so it's a helpful way to think of it. Originally I was thinking of water locations as discrete objects.

There would be a lot of rules to add to it. If water is lower than terrain, it doesn't exist (it could be treated sort of like a [water table](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:WaterTable.gif)). Groups of above-terrain water points would be treated by the client as a water geometry. A water point encountering an adjacent lower terrain(+water) point would become a waterfall and flow into it. Water points in a group would try to become their average. Anything I missed?

-AdamThompson 6y ago
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