Any Updates?

By Slapacookie 3mo ago

Hey there, Adam!

It has been awhile since we have last seen or asked for updates. I still keep hope that this game will release at some point. No matter what, I will play it! Its been what 6 years waiting? Something like that or maybe even longer its hard to remember. Is it possible if we can get an update? Have you given up on the project?

I just logged into my account as a premium member and the game still does not work nor run. Please kindly provide an update : ) (back to playing Creativerse on steam)

-Glossen 3mo ago
Thanks guys.

The project is still active. I've been addressing a ton of issues that stopped it from happening. I won't start another abortive attempt. Once I know how to do it for sure, I'll start again.

Yes, the current version is not functional. There is a Node.js + WebGL version that works but isn't on the site yet. I may entirely redo the site. I like having the original forum and don't want to erase history, but it might look bad when pitching to investors or players; I haven't decided yet how to handle that. My vision right now is that a visit to the entire domain would simply load the game, with the forum integrated into the game.

Lately I've stopped isolating myself from MMOs and started playing Life is Feudal. It has quite a few features I wanted in FE, but fails spectacularly in other areas. It's teaching me the value of principles like preserving property, no resets, conservative mechanics changes, and so on. It has also reinforced the fact that realism isn't an ultimate goal. Realism is a guide but is often boring.

The design issue I've been thinking about is property and online activity. In LiF, everyone has property, but like many games, only 1-10% of people are online at any given time. So even if you have a hundred neighbors, the world feels abandoned. (Also people are quitting but that's another story.)

I've been trying to conceive of a way for players to have local communities that are online at the same time. A preconceived idea would be that players could leave their character in an "NPC" state which could have simple conversations and sell things. But it's really not the same as interacting with actual people. This is why current MMOs have instanced battlegrounds. Yet I have faith there's a way to solve this. Maybe a chat client integrated with player-character NPCs? Notifications? Maybe homes with lamps on indicate a player online, so you know who you can visit?

-AdamThompson 3mo ago
Thanks! Keep to the roots and dont worry about the graphics. Make the content and the game then spiffy it up. Shoot id be okay if this game had Wurm style graphics

-Slapacookie 2mo ago
Have you ever played Wurm Online, Adam? I signed up for the pre-Alpha of First Earth searching for a game with the vision to be a better version of that.

-Ankoroth 3wk ago
Hi Ankoroth, I haven't played Wurm Online. Could you say what a better version of Wurm would be like, what improvements should be made?

-AdamThompson 2wk ago
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