By Slapacookie 1y ago

Been awhile since I last asked for one or since there has been any progress. I totally understand if development has stopped. To come to what game standards are now this game will take a lot of work.

Ive slightly given up, but i make this post to hopefully break that feeling. So whats going on?

Would also like to find out whether development is still progressing, has stalled or is static.

I still live in hope but like Slapacookie stated, fully understand the difficulties involved in making such a complex game.

-Spolmit 12mo ago
Hey guys. I'm amazed the game means that much to you, too.

I tried setting aside the project but I keep coming back to it. I love the concept too much. Lately I've been making a new version that uses Babylon.js (a WebGL engine) rather than Unity - it's amazingly fast to develop with. Loads quickly in the browser, unlike the Unity version. I'm switching both the client and server to Node.js, which allows much easier data management between client and server. This ability to develop a game using web tech is revolutionary; I think we'll see a lot of games done this way soon.

I'm certainly not promising anything at this point, but work continues. I see projects like Minecraft and Stardew Valley, which were in development for years, and they inspire me.

Any interest in watching development livecast on Twitch?

-AdamThompson 12mo ago
That would be actually interesting. I keep interest cause I dont wanna see the game run into the ground. At some point it will be finished and we can say we have been here from the very start. Im willing to support you in anyway i can to see that this is released.

-Slapacookie 12mo ago
Thank you for answering so quickly.

I always look in here from time to time as the concept of First Earth has so much potential. Meanwhile, I can spend some free time playing Wurm Unlimited on one of the more popular servers.

Good luck Adam and do not give up on your dream.

-Spolmit 12mo ago
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