Looking for an Update

By Slapacookie 2y ago

Ill probably be coming in now and then to see where the game is at. Hope it doesnt get too annoying. So just to make sure also you wont ever just drop this project right? I mean its going on what 4-5 years in the making now?

I still come to this forum every week and remain interested / hopeful.

-Spolmit 2y ago
Thanks for checking in and sorry for not having any updates for you. FE's still on the backburner at the moment. I am planning to hire programming help, but I need to get money together for that, which may take a while (like a year or more). Or, if I feel able to pick up the programming again myself to get it to beta, I'll do that in the meantime. I'm learning a lot about myself in my efforts toward that.

I haven't given up the project although I've given up finishing it "right now"; I had to be honest with myself that wasn't happening.

Is there a way I could make it easier for you to stay up to date without having to check the forum weekly? Maybe forum update notification emails, or I could manually email you personally?

-AdamThompson 2y ago
Any sort of update email would be wonderful. Even if it's a few lines just letting us all know the status.

-zifnabxar 2y ago
@zifnabxar Maybe I could restart the newsletter with that more modest goal. It hasn't gone out in years because I'd intended the next one to be "here's beta". Planning long-range though, I'd rather just have it be useful with fewer people.

I'm glad you mentioned that. Would monthly fit your purposes?

-AdamThompson 2y ago
any news? or have you given up on this?

-Greatest 2y ago
Project's hanging by a thread obviously but I haven't given up. No news, progress is all personal stuff. Still thinking every day about how to make this work.

Starting to seriously consider getting enough investment for a small team. I'll be exploring that more. I never thought it necessary before, since the programming for this isn't that intense, but maybe programming just isn't something I'm motivated enough to do, regardless of how much I love the project it's for. Planning, pitching, selling, architecting, and leading all feel effortless; programming not so much, even though I'm good at it.

Thanks for checking in again.

-AdamThompson 2y ago
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