Proceeding with First Earth

By AdamThompson 2y ago

Hey all,

I've worked up a plan to get things moving again. tldr; I'm going to hire programmers.

Last year's funding has ended. The funding allowed me to personally develop on the game, getting it almost ready for beta testing. But for psychological reasons I need to use a different approach at this point in the project. An approach where I'm not the one doing all the programming. I'm going to hire programmers to do the parts I don't like.

Hiring programmers will allow me to refocus on what I love about games: Design and architecture. I'm starting to think about game design again and I might start blogging about it for my personal enjoyment.

For other programmers to work on First Earth I'll need to have a specification for the game outside of my own mind and personal notes. That will be something I'll enjoy working on as part of my study of design.

The money for hiring will have to come either from further funding or from a personal salary. Crowdfunding still doesn't interest me; it's not what I'm good at. I'm going to do some consulting work or might accept full-time work. I'll continue to live cheaply and use the income for hiring.

Thanks for sticking around. If anything big happens I'll send an email newsletter in addition to posting here.

Thank you for the update. You have obviously put a huge amount of time and effort into First Earth.

Good luck with the next stage of development..

-Spolmit 2y ago
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