Where are we at?

By Slapacookie 2y ago

So where are we at with the current game, been quite along time its been in the making. Not angry or annoyed just wanting to know when we will be able to play some kind of gameplay with content. I think this idea can go somewhere but by now id think we should have something playable.

Thanks for asking. It seems that no matter what I try, I have trouble finishing the game myself by programming it. It's not a problem of programming skill or project scope; I think it's a motivation problem related to programming itself. The project feels very close to being ready for beta, but I can never quite reach it.

I'm exploring other options, like hiring people to do the coding for me. That would have to be funded by my own work income, unless I could find big funding or volunteers.

I'm also considering changing my career focus from game development to design. I started development in order to do design, but somehow I've ended up mired in development without any enjoyable design work to do. If I did such a change, it might manifest as something like a blog about game design, which I would enjoy. That would have a bonus of providing marketing for FE.

Progress is limbo while I figure out how to proceed on this.

-AdamTest 2y ago
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