By atazs 3y ago

I bought this "game" years and years ago and i seem to remember that you were offering free refunds at one point for those who bought it. Well i would like a full refund if it's still possible
Thank you.

I never did offer refunds because affording mass refunds would harm my ability to keep working on the game. I would only do that if I had to quit. I can refund you, though. Email me at with the email address you paid or registered with. I'm sorry it came to this for you. I remember your testing and your posts. I appreciate your interest and time.

The same goes for anyone else currently feeling this way. I want you to stick around but if you're done, I'll do my best to make it right.

If I ever were to decide the game wasn't going to be done, I would mass email everyone with a refund offer and pay it out of my income. It's been a couple thousand dollars, helpful but an amount I could handle with a regular job.

-AdamThompson 3y ago
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