WebGL Progress

By AdamThompson 3y ago

I'm going to post about progress on the WebGL build in this thread. Testers can access the WebGL build by clicking PLAY to the left.

Once I reach the point where I'm adding in gameplay, I'll abandon this thread and make new ones for gameplay additions.

The web build is now hooked up to user accounts, so if you're a preorder/alpha tester you can access it. (A better way to preorder will be added back in later.)

You'll want to use Chrome (best) or Firefox to play. Safari and Edge might work, but have some personal issues like missing fullscreen. This WebGL stuff is pretty cutting edge.

Due to caching issues, you might need to do a "hard refresh" to get the latest build to show; on Chrome that is Cmd+Shift+R. This issue affects my testing too so I'll fix it soonish.

I'm working on the server live to save time, so the game might just not work sometimes due to me messing it up.

Everyone is a girl for now; enjoy it while you can! Also, you can fall of the edge of the current world; we're testing only a 2km square. In this thread I'll be adding back in characters, zoning, multiplayer, and possibly a limited 'guest mode' for non-testers.

-AdamThompson 3y ago
Wow, that sounds like real progress in being made. Well done.

-Spolmit 3y ago
Screenshots are working again (~ key). I'm SO glad it's still possible to get them on WebGL.

-AdamThompson 3y ago
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