Website Update

By AdamThompson 3y ago

Site has been updated and polished a bit. Prepping for first WebGL version of the game. "Play" link will be broken for a while while I do that.

<>test post here

-AdamThompson 3y ago
Old site does not work for me now but found a link that does.

Good luck with your work.

-Spolmit 3y ago
Hi @Spolmit. Thanks! If you remember, what was the URL of the old site that wasn't working?

-AdamThompson 3y ago
Hi @Adam.

Sorry- I deleted the link and cannot remember the URL.

If it is any help, I have gone back though recent history and the links all work to bring me to the new site rather than the old.

-Spolmit 3y ago
Thanks for checking. Good about the redirects, that's how it should work, even from old threads.

-AdamThompson 3y ago
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