Development Update

By Slapacookie 4y ago

So Ill probably pop in once a month to make a post like this, but how is Development going?

Thanks for continuing to check in. Zero development for the past month. I found that doing piecemeal development wasn't working, so I'm going to do it in large chunks instead. To that end, I'm saving up enough money to do another dev attempt at reaching beta around April-May. Those who've been around here for a couple years will remember that I get the most done when I can focus on the game 100% rather than splitting time with paid work.

-AdamThompson 4y ago
Well how much right now would you need? Not sure if you can privately contact me for that.

-Slapacookie 4y ago
Thank you for being so honest.

Continued good luck when you get a chance to focus on the game.

-Spolmit 4y ago
Y'all deserve it. I'm looking forward to being able to do this big push.

-AdamThompson 4y ago
@Slapacookie, I will email you about that.

-AdamThompson 4y ago
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