Just Checking In!

By Slapacookie 4y ago

So can we have a idea of what you are working on, maybe some screens of new content would be nice :D so we know where you stand right now on gameplay.

You might not want to know! I've actually been rewriting the server, which is why no screenshots. Can't run the game until the new server is running. The idea is to speed up development, although rewriting always feels like backtracking. In this case, it should be worth it. My purpose is to get gameplay done as fast as possible.

It's something I should blog about more in depth, but I want to wait until I've finished the rewrite so I know what I'm talking about. I won't give a date, but I will try to write more about this for you (and all) when I get a chance.

-AdamThompson 4y ago
Nice to hear the news- good luck with the server work and a belated Happy New Year.

-Spolmit 4y ago
Thanks. Happy new year!

-AdamThompson 4y ago
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