Just Checking up!

By ACarroll 4y ago

Wow! its been quite a while since I last stopped in here. I was browsing looking for games to play and remembered that a long time ago I signed up for a game in alpha testing. I remember getting on in the late nights and seeing Adam on. I am glad to see some new updates keep up the work!

Hey! You're awesome for remembering it and checking back. Waiting for it to be ready is just a matter of time...years so far though, hah. For what it's worth, as thanks I'm going to vastly multiply the value of old preorders, sometime before reaching beta.

I did a big push this summer where I was doing 12+ hour days on it, but the last couple months I've had to do other work, so it's been <10hr/week on FE. This November I'm making some big changes in my life, including work changes and a move, that I hope'll let me have more time to work on the game again.

And I'm finally, actually, working on gameplay at the moment. A touch of it will be in the upcoming version. :)

-AdamThompson 4y ago
Definitely good to hear!

Life always comes first so I completely understand. Waiting is no problem at all!

Don't forget to spend plenty of time with family this holiday season! No ditching them.

-ACarroll 4y ago
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