By Ryan 5y ago

Let me start off by saying... Wow. The game concept looks perfect, and the in game world so far looks amazing as well. I'm very excited about this game, and I hope development is going well! I have one question about the game--the world WILL be open to player modification, correct? You'll be able to terraform, mine tunnels, and build structures?

Thanks to the developer, and I look forward to the release of actual gameplay!

Hi Ryan. Thanks! Are you using the latest build? I'm curious how it looks to you.

You'll be able to build structures, but it will be hard to get the proper materials at first. Terraforming is technically possible but not part of the game design, because it's potentially easy to abuse; if I can think of a clever way to allow it, I may enable it later. Tunnels are impossible because of the nature of the Unity game engine. It may be possible to hack them in, but that would be much, much later.

Working hard on getting gameplay in NOW.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
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