First Earth v9 - Installer

By AdamThompson 5y ago

New build! Does not include gameplay (sorry, that's next), but this is a huge deal anyway. This build uses a cross-platform installer and auto-updater, so this might be the last time you'll have to download a build manually. This is a great build. Please test it and let me know whether it works, so we can be ready for a gameplay build and bringing in more testers.

v9 has:
- Much faster loading.
- Realistic, far viewing distance (primitive version).
- Re-logging in after a disconnect is finally possible.
- Teleport to Origin works from anywhere.
- GUI is redesigned and less intrusive.
- Speech and info bubbles, and clickable characters.
- Linear lighting for much more realistic colors, and other graphics improvements.
- New male and female characters and animations! Network-replicated.
- New player-movement networking code; still a lot of "sliding", but better.
- Keyboard and mouse control updated and customized new animations.
- Inverse Kinematics used to keep feet aligned with the ground.
- Colliders improved; it's now possible to climp up on small objects.
- Updated to Unity version 4.5.
- New versioning by number (v9) instead of decimals.
- Cross-platform installers and uninstallers for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
- Auto-updater to handle game updates smoothly. This is awesome to have.
- Website distribution system for installers and updaters.
- Many other small improvements.
- Probably some new bugs!

There's a bug on some computers where "Zoning" gets stuck and causes a crash. I'm not yet sure which computers, but this will be fixed soon. Please let me know if you get this bug.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Adam the new build is looking great. Can not wait to see what else you can do with this game and getting us some game play into it. The scenery is great. Sometimes I log in just so I can walk around and look at it. Helps calm my day down.

-Skylur 5y ago
That's how I feel, too. Glad it's looking good for you.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
There is a bug I come across often when exploring the mountain ridges. the higher you go the more common it is. you fall through the terrain and hit a lower 'under layer' although after 5 or so seconds of landing on this second layer it re loads you to the top layer (you bounce ofr a while it seems to reload rapidly several times) and you are good to go again

-Adamantius 5y ago
-Adamantius, I think you found a reoccurring bug that I thought was fixed. How often does it happen, does it get to be annoying? I'm wondering if I need to fix it before gameplay. Thanks.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
On the valley floor, the drop through has never happened to me (im on windows btw) but when you enter zoning the bouncing/reload loop does happen sometimes. But as i head up the mountains it occurs pretty much every time it zones. and once you get up to the highest mountain ridges it was happeneing maybe every few minutes.
It was a little annoying but I learnt if you just stop pushing buttons and let it do its thing it fixes itself in less than 30 seconds, so i was libing with it (knowing the game is still in such an early state)

Also, on the topic of funding, have you ever thought of putting this game up on ? i have seen projects on there pulling in $20,000 a month or even $10,000 per update. It could be a good way to get even a small cash flow to assist in the development.

-Adamantius 5y ago
also, i found this game by googling the thundercats wiki "Third earth" which is the planet the series takes place on and there is a section that says "at some point in its past the planet was known as first earth"

Might be able to put a sneaky link in there to the site or a page on the site MWAHAHAHA...might not increase traffic massivly but hey, its all good baby

-Adamantius 5y ago
I could make it so you can't move while zoning, so it'd be less confusing. Or I could try to improve the zoning more, which is harder. Hmm. Thanks for the info.

I'm personally uncomfortable with asking for significant money without any kind of guarantee for the person giving the money (like a contract, equity, or at least alpha access). I also don't like doing marketing instead of development. This is why I haven't done a Kickstarter yet. Same with editing wikis ;)

-AdamThompson 5y ago
but it isnt significant. you can make a minimum pledge of $1.
Those who donate more get more rewards (often like a mention in the credits or a character int he game named after them) i have pledged about $25 a month to various projects I like the sounds of and want to see completed.

So you could make like
$1/month = free access to the Alpha
$10/month = free acess to the aplha and beta when it is released (since membership is $10 month anyway)
$25/month = above rewards plus by name mention in the Credits and title of Patron in the Forum
higher pledges can have in game characters or whatever i dont know

but people will only pledge if they like the idea and can cancel their pledge at any time. I would check it out. i like it better than kickstarter (which merely funds the project and does not give you actual access. Patreon however reqards pledges with different levels of access and rewards.

150% should check it out, i hate the concept of kickstarter but patreon has a much more rewarding structure

-Adamantius 5y ago
Went away for a while and I'm happy to come back to an update :)

I remember someone who made free youtube "movies" and you could pledge however much money you wanted per video uploaded, perhaps you could do something like that except with each update.

-MrAnderson 5y ago
-Adamantius Thanks, I actually didn't know Patreon could be used like that. I checked it out in more detail and I'm going to consider using it. I agree about the advantages over Kickstarter.

-MrAnderson Good to see you again :) Maybe I could base it on particular features being added.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Any further thoughts on using Patreon as a mean of raising awareness/funding?

-Adamantius 5y ago
Here's the thought I've been having. If I'm doing that, why not just do the same thing directly on this site, rather than on Patreon? It would be more direct. (It's what I'm planning to do anyway once the gameplay build is out.)

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Adam whats going on haven't heard anything new in two months!

-Carmus 5y ago
I've had to do consulting and stuff with most of my time :( Also I'm moving to a location that's in the game! I do have another build coming up soon, with just minor fixes to some bugs before I go to a couple of conferences. Gameplay is being coded, so there might even be a little in that build. Keep hanging on :)

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Thank you for the update- good luck :)

-Spolmit 5y ago
Thanks :)

-AdamThompson 5y ago
made any decisions on signing up to patreon?

-Adamantius 5y ago
I pretty much decided I can get it done without that. It would take some work to build up enough support on there to be useful, and the same amount of work would get the game to a fun state anyway.

It's not a bad idea; it's just not really my thing, and this game is very close.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Yeah, I've been around too, I think support will really pick up once gameplay starts getting out.

-MrAnderson 5y ago
version 9...and still no gameplay

what exactly does a new version mean to you? I've been part of a lot of game communities over the years and new version usually meant something new to the game. in all your versions there has been nothing but walking around so I'm curious.

and hi everyone! I'm here checking in, was hoping game was finally up and running(just checked my profile, seems I've been here 3 years waiting)

-Greatest 5y ago
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