Speaking at ArcadiaCon

By AdamThompson 5y ago

June 8 I'll be speaking about game development on a panel at ArcadiaCon in Galveston TX!


I'll have a new (amazing) build out before then, plus a newsletter, and maybe some other developments like a Kickstarter.

sounds good- all the best with the speech

-Spolmit 5y ago
Thanks Spolmit.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Hey Adam good luck with ArcadiaCon and can not wait to see what you have in store for us with the new build. Also definitely keep us in the loop about a kickstarter I will be on board for that and anything else to see this game go through.

-Skylur 5y ago
Tomorrow is the big day!
Good luck at arcadiacon Adam!

-bladesofhonor 5y ago
Thank you both. And for the screenshots, which I show people all the time. It'll be a fun conference. I'm actually trying to get a build out today with all the new fixes (but not gameplay) - let's see if I can do it in time!

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Well, I have the build kind of ready, but it's too risky to release it when I'll be away for a day. I made major changes to the networking code. Oh well, still got a lot done. You'll probably see this build next week!

-AdamThompson 5y ago
ArcadiaCon went well, it was a fun conference and I met some great developers there. I'm focused right now on finishing this build, but I promise after it's out that I'll provide news about what's happening (apart from development).

-AdamThompson 5y ago

I am sure you were also able to 'network' and get some ideas that you will be able to bring into FE or ways that will help you to develop FE further.

-Spolmit 5y ago
Thanks, Spolmit. You're right that I was able to network by meeting some developers. I got inspiration from seeing them taking on ambitious projects, specifically I met Ethan doing http://www.aegisfx.com/ .

I didn't get any new ideas, though. FE's design is so innovative and unique that most game designers haven't considered it until I tell them about it. My weakness is in getting it implemented and playable, but the ideas in FE are unmatched by anything I've seen yet.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
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