FE Devolpment...?

By Webb24 5y ago

I was wondering how this game is going.... Since there is a video every month or so im wellish caught up, but im wondering how progress is. there are such big and Bright plans for this game and i Love it! My question is How many Devs are there, and aprox. how many hours are you working a day/ week? Btw LOVE the animal plans.

Progress is UNSTABLE, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. I'm the lone developer until there is income. I work as much as I can afford to ($). Last month I was able to work full time, like 16 hour days. The last 2 weeks have been slow as I need more income. Now I'm working to find enough money for a final push to beta. I might do a kickstarter for that.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
I think a kickstater would help this project immensely, not only would it give you the money to ensure a stable long term development but it would increase the amount of coverage the project receives and it may lead to the hiring of more developers (not sure how you'd go about setting up an indie dev studio in the US). I have no idea how you'd calculate the funding goal though...

-jjake101 5y ago
I agree and I've been seriously thinking about how to execute a kickstarter. I have funding goals calculated already for investors. I'm thinking I would set a minimum budget required for me to finish alone, as planned, and stretch goals that would involve more features (like pvp) and hiring. I'm not confident I can generate enough publicity to succeed, though.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
I found a pretty good video, its based around the funding for a movie, but some of the things could be applied to FE.

-jjake101 5y ago
Because selling promises is better than selling games.

Can you decidedly say, and be sure of it, that you will finish the game, the game will have this and that, within X time? And then just do it? You know, looking back at the project's history?

Like this: Post-12230
Or this: Post-42
Or the preorder page we had 2 years ago

Are you aware what would happen if you somehow managed to succesfully gather money on kickstarter and then failed to deliver the game? The amount of flaming you would get?

I mean, what are you going to say? "Hi, I'm Adam, I started the project over 2 years ago thinking I can make it playable within 6 months, but 2 years later all you can do is walk around the world lolz, but beta will start next month, gief me your monies plox"?

-Procne 5y ago
@jjake101 I'll watch that today.

@Procne. You're asking how I can be sure I would finish the game (or certain features), given that I've been totally wrong up to this point about what it takes to finish it. The posts you linked are perfect examples that raise the question.

I ask myself that frequently. I always come up with two answers. 1) The game is new and hard to make, so I'm often wrong about how long things will take. This ain't no Flappy Bird. 2) I don't have money to support myself while I make it, and when I have to make money, progress on the game slows.

The reason I know I will finish the game with a Kickstarter is because I know I work on the game 12+ hours a day when I can afford to, and I'd set the Kickstarter minimum high enough to be sure I had plenty of time to add the necessary features.

It's hard for me when I read your post because, well, why do you think I haven't done a Kickstarter in all this time? It's because I hate asking for money for nothing, for just a promise. That's why FE preorders include immediate alpha access now. I don't want to do a Kickstarter. I sometimes see it as people being suckered into unrealistic projects. But it's not actually that bad; people know they're taking a risk, and they're okay with that. If people want to risk funding FE for my promises, knowing the risk involved, then I should be excited they understand it.

I don't want to do a Kickstarter, I just want to make the game. From your posts about this, you want the same thing I do, which is for me to just sit down and work on it until it's done, and stop making promises. I agree. The problem is it's impossible to do that if I can't pay my rent. I will do whatever it takes to finish this game; you can tell that by how long this has dragged on without me giving up. My career is already publicly on the line with this, more than even a Kickstarter would entail. If doing a Kickstarter will help make it possible to finish the game, then I'll do it, regardless of anything else.

Thanks for caring about this. :)

-AdamThompson 5y ago
any news on the kickstarter? :D

-bladesofhonor 5y ago
Yep, I've been working toward it. I'm probably going to do it in June, with a low $ target, and with the purpose of reaching beta. Before that I want to get out some gameplay builds, start sending newsletters again, prepare some people to promote the kickstarter, and write some blogs. I'll be working on those things this month (along with development).

-AdamThompson 5y ago
I am really interested in this game. I saw your post on Video Game Industry Jobs.

-ac4pic 5y ago
Can't wait for more gameplay, it really looks promising so far!

-bladesofhonor 5y ago
how are things coming allong with the kickstarter? :D

-bladesofhonor 5y ago
Still working at it, it's certain now. I've been planning it out and doing a bunch of prep work. I'll start it in early June, and I'll launch it with a newsletter to our mailing list :) I've been doing a lot of business development stuff. I'm on a speaking panel at a local game conference here, and applied to some others.

The reason for doing this stuff instead of development is to give me more time for development with the kickstarter. But the game's really close. I already have an awesome new build, but I'm trying to add a little more to it before releasing it.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
'awesome new build' - that sounds fantastic. I cannot wait to try it out.

-Spolmit 5y ago
Whatever you do don't stop working on this. For this stage of build it looks like it will be a great game when finished.

-Skylur 5y ago
Yeah the new build has some fantastic stuff.

I won't stop working on this until it's exactly what I want, which will be years after the full release!

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Teaser screenshot:


-AdamThompson 5y ago
Adam I know you are working hard on the game and in life in general but any news for us on an update?

-Skylur 4y ago
I actually burned out last week and didn't work on it for a whole week. I regret that delay, but the rest really helped refresh me. I've started again, and am working to get the next great build out, after which I'll be launching a Kickstarter to keep development funded to Beta and to get some more players for launch. Thanks for asking so politely, and thanks for checking in, everyone who's reading this.

-AdamThompson 4y ago
Adam thanks for the hard work you put in and thanks for keeping us in the loop with things. Once you get Kickstarter going I will be dropping some cash in it and I think everyone following the game will as well. Keep up the great job.

-Skylur 4y ago
"... and I think everyone following the game will as well"

That's a far fetched speculation. Just because someone is following something doesn't mean he will throw cash at it.

To make it ironic I have already thrown more cash at it 2 years go than I usually spend on full and finished games. That is 10$ ^^

-Procne 4y ago
I appreciate the sentiment...and the cash :)

Before launching the Kickstarter I'm going to double the value of all existing preorders, and apply that to the Kickstarter reward levels, contingent on the Kickstarter being successful (so I can afford to provide the rewards to non-Kickstarter preorders).

I'm in this for the long haul, just like you all have been.

-AdamThompson 4y ago
Any news?

Haven't heard from you for a while :(

-bladesofhonor 4y ago
Sorry. Still prepping the build with a LOT of updates, and trying to get gameplay going in it. I won't make any more promises, except it will come, as soon as it's ready :)

-AdamThompson 4y ago
Regarding my Kickstarter plans: Kickstarter is "maybe" right now. I want to see how far I get with this build, then I may or may not do a Kickstarter. I have to decide what's best for getting the game to be self-supporting the soonest, because as soon as it's self-supporting, I can work on it a lot more.

-AdamThompson 4y ago
Thank you for the update.

Looking forward to the improved / new build- good luck.

-Spolmit 4y ago
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