First Earth 0.8.7 - Zoning, Graphics, Deer

By AdamThompson 5y ago

This is a great build with useful improvements, and the huge feature of animals! Just deer for now. The world objects had to be regenerated, but your own world objects (e.g. bushes, @thejanitor) are preserved.

- Zone loading is completely redone, it's now faster, smoother, and more reliable.
- Game window is now resizable and maximizable simply by dragging edges or maximizing.
- Simplified performance options and added anti-aliasing.
- Water is high enough on steep slopes now, but shallower at higher altitudes.
- Shadows and distant water don't flicker as much, and shadows are softer.
- Distant trees overlapping water no longer have a weird border.
- Fixed several more day/night time bugs.
- Improved accuracy of FPS meter.
- Flashlight is aimed correctly.

- Animals now supported by both server and client engines.
- Male and female animals multiply at a game-realistic speed.
- Animated deer are in the world!
- Animals become used to your presence.
- Objects (player bushes, deer, etc) load faster and more reliably.
- Fixed some multiplayer player and object positioning bugs and crashes.
- Known issue: Animals in other zones currently do not react to you. This is due to another issue that will be fixed in the next build.

Build is up.

I've temporarily reduced the view distance in this build, because the animations of far away deer were hurting framerate too much. I'll optimize this in the next build to get the farther view distance back.

Deer are spawning at the normal rate. They're spawning all over the world at the same time for the first time, so the server is a bit overloaded trying to do that (the maximum will be above 50K deer in the testing area...). The world won't be "full" of deer until it has been running for some time.

Thanks for testing!

-AdamThompson 5y ago
I think my character got the best name: Crit Golightly

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Hi Adam, have just been on. The animals look great and the first time I got close to one it moved away just as it would in the wild. I have found a few issues that you may be interested in. Apologies if you are aware of them already.

1. I have been twice kicked out of the server. Once when I started and moved a little. After 5 minutes of inactivity I got kicked. This I could perceive as being planned and built into the game- perhaps 5 minutes is too little for being afk?

The second time I was 'playing' and moving around. I had been in-game for about 5-10 minutes and was kicked- this was unexpected. I have not tried again since.

2. I found the controls very sensitive for guiding the character and it was difficult to move in the direction I wanted- this may be my computer but just thought I would tell you- the last build gave me no problems like this though an earlier one did and I told you in a previous forum post.

3. When I moved across zones I lost the ground, got slight freezing and got error messages like- gone through the ground- I took a screenshot of this and you can see the messages there on the log.

4. When I went onto a high ground the more distant land varied between being seen and going blue. The closer hills went blue but the more distant valley was seen normal- again, I have taken a screenshot of this- you will probably get more from this than the ramblings of a non-expert..

Hope this helps.

Well done on the progress so far- First Earth has made massive strides forward in development during the last few weeks/months.

-Spolmit 5y ago
Thanks Spolmit. I think those problems are partly caused by your very low FPS. Can you try turning down/ off some settings in the ESC menu? Also, I will improve FPS in the next build by optimizing animations.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Got on to see what's going on. Pretty cool stuff you have added in the last few months. I didn't really get to enjoy it to much because of the frame rate issue, though (I even had my graphics turned all of the way down). Had a nice laugh over my char name, Alfredo Blackstock.

As far as the issues go I think Spolmit covered most of what I experienced. Kept disconnecting every 3 - 5 minutes when actively running around. I also noticed deer like to graze on top of each other a lot.

-Chunky 5y ago
Thanks. There's definitely some bugs due to low framerate, which in turn is caused by animating all the animals instead of only nearby ones. I'll put out a better-working build within a few days.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
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