First Earth 0.8.6 - Fixes and Graphics

By AdamThompson 5y ago

Much like the previous build (see the 0.8.5 thread Post-12170 if you want to read about those major changes), but with a bunch of little fixes. Thanks to the testers. :)

In this version:
- Longer view distance.
- Trees are larger and fewer. Let me know what you think of this.
- Shadows show farther away, and are adjustable.
- Tweaked controller to hopefully fall through ground less.
- Tried to improve water height.
- Water is non-reflective by default, for performance.
- Water doesn't glow at night.
- Flashlight available at night.
- Fixed a day/night time advancement bug.
- Sun doesn't appear in front of trees.
- Fixed resolution setting bug.
- Logs you out if lost connection is detected.
- Top bar on website shows how many players are online.

Just killed the server and restarted it while someone was on, sorry about that.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Like the increased view distance.

The density of the trees is fine and if anything makes travelling easier.

The water is improved though still has 'dry' tiles / areas in a stream especially on a gradient.

I like the light icon on the top of the game screen- even in daylight the light could be seen. It looks like a spot from a torch (probably your intention) but I will try to see if I can alter the angle using the mouse next time I am on when it is dark.

I tried moving fast down a steep hill. I may be mistaken but it feel like you have reduced maximum speed? At no time was I able to recreate the message that I was falling through the ground that was seen regularly in the previous build.

I can confirm that I was logged off automatically.

Well done.

-Spolmit 5y ago
Ah so that is why I got zapped. No problem :)

-Spolmit 5y ago
Night-time now on FE- lovely full moon. You can see how powerful the light is in a screenshot I took. The light on a mountain-side is very strong and is possibly more like searchlight strength than torch strength.

The trees look more realistic since the update and the whole sense of being 'in' a valley somewhere has increased.

-Spolmit 5y ago
Thanks! Glad you think it's feeling right. I realized the trees shouldn't be overlapping that much. I'll be adding natural size variation on the trees when I add growing.

The light is meant to be a super bright searchlight like that. It's the kind of device someone arriving at FE might have.

Maximum speed should still be the same, I don't think I did anything that affects it, though you never know. Maybe the scale changes make it seem different.

Traveling will be getting much harder soon.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
The flashlight tool is very impressive. I took a screenshot showing people the brightness and spread of the light from a distance. If you are in a canyon or gulley then the beam is almost pinhole sized with only the immediate locale lit up- pretty much as you would see in real-life. I am sure this will be a hit with fellow players.

I was wondering if when in-game the light is finite. Will it need (say) some type of candle (beeswax), oil or tar to make it work for a given amount of time?

Still no falling through the earth and I sure have tried so whatever you have changed in this most recent fix seems to have solved that issue for me.

-Spolmit 5y ago
This game is gorgeous, loving the increase to the view distance. Still having loads of fun just exploring, coming over the crest of a small hill to see this Screen-thejanitor was an awesome experience.

-thejanitor 5y ago
Oh and, the posting screenshot link thing seems to have been broken by the mention function shown above.

-thejanitor 5y ago
-Spolmit, the flashlight is probably only during testing. I do need to think of a way for new players to not start out in pitch-black, though. Any real light invented in the game would need some kind of supply, but this one for testing is infinite. I'm glad the falling problems are better!

Thanks -thejanitor :) The view distance was able to be longer due to optimizations to trees, shadows, and the water reflectiveness. Love that screenshot, but I notice the trees are way too lined up. Will try to improve that. And I just fixed the screenshot link thing, thanks.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
-thejanitor, since you took those nice no-ui screenshots I used some of them in a small Screenshot Saturday post on Reddit:

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Awesome :)

Also, somehow managed to cause this happen today:Screen-thejanitor

It happened after I alt tabbed, when i tabbed back in I had been dced and then when I logged back in it seemed like it had loaded a bunch of geometry above me like how it normally does when moving between zones. However this time it seemed to stick around, relogging didn't fix it but leaving that zone and coming back did.

Couldn't replicate by just exiting game whilst it was loading a new zone so not sure what exactly triggered it.

-thejanitor 5y ago
Nice find. That happens to me when I enter then leave a zone before it's finished loading, like if you dance back and forth across a zone boundary too fast. Since it's rare and can be fixed by a restart, I'm going to ignore it until I work on smoothing out zone loading.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
I ended up tackling zone loading yesterday. I totally rewrote the whole loading process, so zoning is much faster and less buggy. Will be in the next build.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Sounds good, it broke immersion a bit the first few times new zones loaded and you saw a chunk of the world levitating up in the sky somewhere.

-thejanitor 5y ago
Also I'm pretty sure there is a memory leak, my program regularly crashes after an hour or so after going from using 1.3gb to 4gb slowly over the period.

Alt tabbing and letting it time out and disconnect and then reconnecting also rapidly causes the leak causing memory usage to jump by over a gig each time. Perhaps it is due to the old zone loading system and reconnecting loads 250 at once instead of 50 every so often? Teleporting to origin over and over might cause it but I don't want to check right now as I wanna get a daytime screenshot of these plains :).

-thejanitor 5y ago
Yep, the zones definitely have a huge memory leak, you're exactly right. I've been ignoring it. Normally it won't be possible to travel that much. We'll see how much it comes up once the survival gameplay is in that makes travel harder, before deciding how soon to fix the leak.

Relogging in is pretty much super buggy. It's advisable to just restart the client :-P

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Haha nothing wrong with good old turn it on and off again error recovery.

Also here is a crash dump folder of one of the relogging crashes if it helps at some point:

-thejanitor 5y ago
That's interesting to see. In this case though I can crash it myself pretty easily, heh. The crash happens even earlier because I'm only putting out 32-bit builds, so the max memory is below 4GB. (I guess that's better than sucking up all the memory...)

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Great plains screenshot, wow. Have never seen plains like that. Screen-thejanitor

-AdamThompson 5y ago
They are probably 5x the size of that screenshot if not more. Its pretty cool how even in such a relatively small geographical area there is so much interesting variation.

-thejanitor 5y ago
Nice find -thejanitor. I prefer the mountain area for myself but your screenshot shows the variation that will make FE enjoyable for explorers- who knows what you will find over the next hill?

-Spolmit 5y ago
I'm about ready with a new build, 0.8.7, which has a ton of fixes, plus animals (well, really just deer). It'll probably be up by Saturday.

-AdamThompson 5y ago
Deer or deer- I don't care. Looking forward to the weekend even more now.

-Spolmit 5y ago
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