By AdamThompson 6y ago

Ever written an error message that was supposed to be impossible? I just managed to do one:

(proxima@Celestia)2> OUT: 595,1883
(proxima@Celestia)2> Id: "0x10240"
(proxima@Celestia)2> Impossible baked error: notfound



Also, lol'd at "@Celestia"

EDIT: Had to quotes it, because it wanted to link to a profile :D

-Ozymandias 6y ago


-AdamThompson 6y ago
Ozymandias is also Guilty of Pony occasionally:

-Ozymandias 6y ago
Nice OCs!

-AdamThompson 6y ago
I have no idea what an OC is! But whatever it is, I didn't draw it!

-Ozymandias 6y ago
Original Character / Original Content :) Means something non-canon created by fans.

-AdamThompson 6y ago
I mean, you are doing an impossible good job at the game, so doing impossible error is only natural? ;)

-sxe 6y ago
@AdamThompson It's supposed to be a de-make of Dana's characters into Ponies...
Hmm... I consider ponification a de-make.

-Ozymandias 6y ago
@sxe Sounds about right :-P

@Ozymandias - Who is Dana?

-AdamThompson 6y ago
@AdamThompson Dana Simpson made the Webcomic that I borrowed (stole) my avatar from!

-Ozymandias 6y ago
DubblePost: It's kind of funny, one random post goes up and lookit, suddenly it's time to post stuff.

-Ozymandias 6y ago
@Ozymandias Ahh I see!

Heh yeah. Trying to finish something up before I end the night/morning.

-AdamThompson 6y ago

Any chance you have an ETA on the next release, Adam?

-bobbahbrown 6y ago
@bobbahbrown Well this past week was very productive, now that I've settled into a schedule. I'd guess maybe by next Sunday, or the Sunday following. With the ability to harvest resources, a few other things I've already done, and maybe more. I've gotten over the big lump of things that had to be done at the same time!

-AdamThompson 6y ago
That looks like the results of my programming projects... except there aren't thousands of them at once.

-Slinks 6y ago
@Slinks That's okay, at least you're getting an error message.
The worst thing possible for a programmer is writing code that SHOULD work.
And doesn't, for absolutely no coherent reason.

Then you find out days later you forgot a comma or something.

-Ozymandias 6y ago
There are worse things. Like when you are absolutely sure that the code should NOT work, but it does. Then you recheck whole code trying to figure out why the error you found is not an error. And you just know that if you don't figure this out then it will all go down at some point, with a lot of noise :D

-Procne 6y ago
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