First Earth - June Newsletter

By AdamThompson 7y ago

"New Funding and New Schedule"

Dear Future First Earth players,

This newsletter is a more personal update about the game's progress, from me, Adam Thompson, the owner and developer of First Earth.

= Executive Summary =

Development on the game slowed in May and June because I ran out of money. I now have a steady income, so development will speed up again and be constant through release.

I am canceling the "May/June" public release deadline and promise. The new release date will be announced later; the new release date will probably be several months from now.

If you have preordered, thank you, and your preorder is still good. You'll be the first to play the game when we start public testing. If you preordered and you want a refund because of this delay I'm announcing, email me back and I'll refund you from my personal income within 1-2 weeks.

= The Long Version =

When I began working on First Earth in 2010, I funded development by doing freelance web consulting. Freelancing is stressful because its schedule and salary are unreliable.

In early 2012 I did a full-time push to try to finish and release First Earth. As you can see, we reached early alpha testing but not release. Preorders were good but weren't enough to cover my living expenses, and my web consulting income suffered from neglect.

Through April and May this year I worked to find First Earth $10K in startup funding from investors, with no luck. I decided that having a full-time day job would be better than freelancing for progressing on First Earth, so I found a local company I liked, applied, was hired, and started last week. I love the work I'm doing there, and the company is great.

It might seem like my having a full-time job would make it harder for me to work on First Earth. The opposite is true, because it's in place of freelancing. I was already working 15 hour days before, but freelancing made it hard for me to escape work - there was always more freelancing work to do, or people calling me, paying me late, and many other issues. All of that interrupted my game work. Now, with this new job, after I come home from work (and on weekends) I'm totally free to work on First Earth.

Anyway, this got pretty personal, but I wanted you to know why I'm sure that development will get back to normal again. Have a great weekend :) (Anyone else watching the MLG tournament?)


First Earth

This newsletter summarizes the progress of First Earth. Thank you for subscribing. Visit our blog and forum for design and development details

First Earth is a player-world game about trade, currently in alpha testing.


This just went out by email. Thanks for waiting for it, everyone. In summary, I'm moving the release forward, and development will get back to normal and stay that way, starting this week. I'm also able to refund anyone who already preordered and wants to cancel based on this delay.

So, you should be seeing updates in the forum and alpha testing forum sometime later in this upcoming week. For now, I'm off to the movies!

-AdamThompson 7y ago
Glad to hear development will be getting back on some sort of schedule :D

-Ozymandias 7y ago
@AdamThompson Thanks for the update as usual! Glad to hear things are getting back on the roll.. Very nice of you to offer refunds even though it was previously stated they were non-refundable :D

-Tony11harp 7y ago
@AdamThompson Thx for the info and please don't forget to edit the preorder page.

-sxe 7y ago
Thanks Ozy, Tony, and sxe.

@sxe just made the edit, I realized that too, right after I'd left.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
Excellent news! Congratulations on the job, wish I could find one lol.

I have said this before, your one man doing everything, what you've done so far is brilliant.

-Talton 7y ago
Good to see the update. Cant wait to get some hands on testing in the near future.

-ACarroll 7y ago
Cool, news on my birthday :P, congrats on getting a job!

-Driver405 7y ago
I have only recently jumped on the First Earth bandwagon, but I am very excited about seeing it progress! I have stuff to entertain me while I wait. Great things are worth waiting for! ^_^

-Kitaelia 7y ago
@Kitaelia Welcome! Don't let the lack of posts fool you. This place gets quite active when we have something new to play with.

-Slinks 7y ago
Something new to play with? You mean there is already playable version? I haven't seen anything...

-Procne 7y ago
Only the alpha testers so far.

-sxe 7y ago
@Procne There is currently an alpha build up, its just a simple terrain walky bit, i am guessing to see if the game actualy ran with multiple players on it :D

-Talton 7y ago
Thanks again everyone.

I'm going to take the server down over the next two days while I do some private testing on it.

@Procne What they said. Testing will be made more public once there's something fun to do in the game.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
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