Diablo 3 Open Beta (next 2 days)

By AdamThompson 7y ago


I'll be playing! (FE delay :p)

I saw... I can't download it, just errors ;_;
(I have the 99.99$ Preorder)

-Ozymandias 7y ago
:o What errors? Mine is current downloading/installing.

-AdamThompson 7y ago
I've never played a diablo game. I might try it.

-Craftedblood 7y ago
Downloading it now, Will be playing all weekend on my free time :D

-Tony11harp 7y ago
@Craftedblood i cant believe that :O

I recommend buying Diablo for about $5 just to see where it all stared ^^

-Talton 7y ago
@Talton I've never played one either :P.

-Driver405 7y ago
@Craftedblood Lol, I own three or four copies of D2 to give to friends to play :P
I used to play it like everywhere.

-Ozymandias 7y ago
@Ozymandias Yea I think I'll give it a try :D

-Craftedblood 7y ago
To my knowledge the battle.net multiplayer thingy is not running now, they used to do it a silly way tho, if you wernt active for like 30 days your account got deleted...

*moo* *moo* *mooo* *moo* *moo* *MOOOOO!!*

They had so best have 'that' secret level xD

-Talton 7y ago
@Talton You can still play on D2 Battle.net, it works fine!
Also, Wirts Leg + Tome of Town Portal :P

-Ozymandias 7y ago
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